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About Us

When you are pursuing immigration or naturalization, or if you have been charged with a crime while in the United States you will need professional and knowledgeable immigration advice, guidance, and legal counsel.

An Attorney Who Understands the System

At the Law Offices of Lance S. Stenhouse, we use a client-driven process.  We will work with you to make certain that all of the necessary steps are taken to ensure that your immigration goals are achieved in a timely and lawful manner.  As a client-driven firm we take the time to do a thorough intake and evaluation.  We then assess what types of applications or processes can best help you in attaining your lawful rights to visit, work, and/or reside in the United States.

A Collaborative Process

At the Law Offices of Lance S. Stenhouse, the immigration process is collaborative.  This means that when the client is more active and involved, the process moves forward faster. At the Law Offices of Lance S. Stenhouse, we provide you with clear guidance through all of the necessary steps to your visa, immigration, naturalization or citizenship goals.

Welcoming to All Cultures

Attorney Stenhouse has worked with people of many cultures and from many countries to pursue U.S. visas, lawful permanent residence, naturalization, and other immigration- and citizenship-related benefits.  He has successfully helped people from numerous countries in various immigration situations including: China, Japan, Southeastern Asia, Europe, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Middle East, and many other countries and regions.

Sooner Rather Than Later!

With immigration matters, there are deadlines and provisions to consider.  It is almost always beneficial to have your questions answered and file paperwork sooner rather than later.

Call the Sacramento Law Offices of Lance S. Stenhouse today and speak with an experienced immigration attorney in a safe, confident environment.  Call (916) 864-3680.  Or, email the office here​​​​​​​ with your question, concern, or appointment request.  We serve clients locally in Carmichael, Sacramento County, AND throughout the State of California, the U.S., and internationally.